SME Services

Start-up Consulting

The biggest threat to a start-up's success is not the availability of resources, it is the capability and competency to effectively utilize it.
With our consultancy services, we can help you gain a foothold in the sea of sharks that is today's business world.

Analytics & Intelligence

Every business knows that the currency of success and sustainability in this information age is actionable Intelligence. Information is available to everyone, everywhere; but what gives businesses the edge is how well they use it.
Our services can provide you business intelligence capabilities at highly competitive costs at relative ease.

Business Technology Integration

In the last decade, the most successful business are those who have in one way or another leveraged technology to make themselves more efficient and provide better service delivery.
We can help you cross this hurdle by puting your business on the technology map and ensuring that you are able to do what you do best even better!

Ecommerce Services

This is the 'in-thing' today, everyone is going ecommerce and so are we, the only thing is we do it better.
At deltaque we can bring the power of the buying masses to your computer screen and its as easy as a few clicks.