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IT Transformation

Did you know? As the volume of your data continues to expand exponentially, you can access and understand key insights that help you predict and prescribe the next best actions to take across your business.
Combining the power of Analytics and Cognitive (Artificial Intelligence) solutions allows us to adequately address the digital transformation for back-office structures in a cost effective manner


Leveraging blockchain solutions built on the Ethereum, Hyperledger platforms, we are able to help re-inventthe operations of our clients with the retail industry, harness the trust & simplicity features of blockchain to enhance experience within the Financial Services Industry and empower Governments Institutions, whether Federal, State or Local to effectively create and maintain a trust and accuracy system for the citizenry.

Colaboration Solution

Collaboration is a massive part of any organizations communication plan, we still see a lot of businesses in Africa still moving papers around and in some instances the sharing of emails are still in wide use. We beleive that empowering your teams with new effective collaboration tools, your organization can begin to acheive better and faster outcomes


Our strategic partnerships and experiences makes it possible for us to provide and deploy Public, Private & Hybrid clouds models that are adaptable in various industries providing flexibility for different sizes of organizations/conglomerate to become more agile, giving them access to more powerful resources and drastically reducing their operational overhead.


Mobile- With the hub of developers within our team, we have the capacity and experience to deploy market-ready mobile applications for Small and Medium Enterprise giving them the power to launch their ideas in real-time.

Deltaque partners with the world foremost tech companies