Enterprise Services

Cloud Solution

At Deltaque we offer and deploy cutting-edge Cloud Solutions that provides you with capabilities to improve your organisation's operational efficiency and help you transform your business, giving you the required advantage to remain sustainable and profitable in today's business climate.

Solution Development & Implementataion

Leveraging on advanced technologies, we have a track record of providing IT Solutions developed for a vast array of use cases. What we do is make businesses more capable, efficient and flexible.

Managed Services

It is our point of view that many organisations lack the capacity or experience to deploy high-level operational technologies to take their business to the next level. At Deltaque, we can help you deploy and manage new and existing systems, saving you cost on Human Resource, technology implementation and time value

Consultancy Services

We boast a combined experience of forty years in the IT and business development climate and can bring that experience to bear to help your business acheive desired growth.